Welcome, friends!

My name is Rebecca Bass, creator of HostClub, and this blog has been in the back of my mind yet the front of my dreams for a long time coming. I am a wife to my husband, Cade, and mother to our two sons, Parker and Elliott. And then there's Jack, our equally loveable and naughty Boykin spaniel furchild. HostClub is my invitation & design company via Etsy. The core of my brand and consumer engagement is spilling over into all facets of my everyday life, thusly evolving into so much more; a blog! 

The purpose of my blog is to relate, inspire, and serve others. My hope is that it will be a creative tool to help you in the fast-paced phase of life we're in.

Here's a preview of what I'll be posting (so you can decide if it's for you)!  

  1. Art (what I'm working on and other artists that inspire me)
  2. Free printables
  3. Ideas for kids (activities, books, creative thinking, etc)
  4. Simple & tasty family recipes 
  5. Home interior styling
  6. How-to's / tips & tricks
  7. Travel ideas
  8. Cool mom fashion

My family and friends are my world, so you'll see a lot of them featured! We can all learn so much from eachother, so there will be featured guest writers along the way.

One last thing Follow me along on instagram @HostClubco for the highlights!



My boys <3

And a crazy little thing called love!